Why retailers should take advantage of plastic postcard mailer

Marketing via digital is a trend today, however direct mail remains among the top ways to market. It’s due to its aesthetic appeal and its tactile appeal. They are both more memorable than ads online, that can be missed easily.

To promote your business in the retail sector, the plastic postcard mailer is the ideal way to give a an impression that is positive to your customers, advertise your business and draw an ongoing flow of customers who return and those who are new.

Let’s take a look at the reason that plastic cards are a great idea for retailers:

#1. Plastic postcards look beautiful and interactive

Potential customers are impressed with your product. Plastic postcards are printed with full-color glossy digital printing on both the back and front that easily grabs the attention of your recipients and permits you to include additional information, like discounts and special offers, as well as contact details and addresses. The size of the gift card die cut lets recipients open the mailer and put it inside their wallets.

Similar to the gift card you offer to your customers whenever your customer can access their purses they’ll check for your offer and be the name of your company and the offer they received from you.

#2. Plastic postcards last a long time.

As a retailer , Direct mail products are built on images that can convince prospective customers to work with you and your business. There is also the possibility that your postcards could be damaged during the process of delivery.

plastic postcards are sturdy and water-resistant. This means they will withstand an extremely rigorous process of sorting USPS sends out marketing mail. They will be displayed in the mailbox just what they appeared right from the press. First impressions are important and postcards made of plastic give you the greatest chance to create the right impression.

#3. Plastic postcards are durable

Plastic postcards are ideal for those looking to instantly be noticed from the crowd. If you send paper mail, it can be labelled as trash. These plastic boxes are durable and weigh more than mailers. In addition, they are effective in attracting attention, they easily fall off the mail piles of recipients to ensure your advertisement will be noticed the first time.

Mail It Direct offers its robust mailers, or premium credit cards, which are made of thickly laminated with promotional gift cards that can be pulled from the card. With our 100% read rate, your clients will surely be captivated with direct mailers. The world of retail may be quite complicated to navigate but when you use the right equipment, your business will stand out from competitors and will be remembered for your customers.

#4. Customize the plastic cards you receive

Plastic cards offer the perfect opportunity for retailers to give an individual design to their promotional materials. Instead of using generic mail, companies can use personalization to make sure that the impressions of their customers last.

You could, for instance, offer a custom URL on your site where customers can avail special deals, for instance, an offer for a particular product. You could also print your customers’ names on multiple places in the unique. This will help you create an emotional bond to your client by talking directly to them. It has been proven repeatedly that tailoring your message to the client can increase the response rate.

There are numerous ways that retailers can utilize plastic postcards to draw in more customers and retain loyal customers. If they are sending the right message, communicating with the right people, and mailing out postcards in the best time business will likely succeed.

There is no one with a greater comprehension about plastic cards as Mail It Direct. The large, thick credit card-sized Mailers attract attention and are superior to other direct mail formats, making an impression that is sure to attract your clients. From design to printing, focusing and even mail, we’ll help your business grow every step of the way.

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