Ways to Get More Viewers on Twitch

There is no doubt that Twitch has become an increasingly popular platform for live streaming, especially among gamers. As a result of a lot of boring gamers at home on lockdown, Twitch’s popularity skyrocketed in 2020.

In spite of the slow reopening of the world, Twitch has remained popular, with 9.2 million active streamers each month on its platform, despite the world’s slowly reopening. It is noteworthy that Ninja was ranked number one at that time, and he had an estimated 18.3 million followers at the time.

Obviously, the vast majority of the 9+ million streamers that have 16 million or more followers do not have those nearly 16 million followers. During a live stream, many streamers cannot even rely on having 16 people watching them at the same time.

In my opinion, streaming without an audience doesn’t really make much sense at all; you might as well just play your game alone if you don’t have an audience. This is a problem that is recognized by many streamers.

It is very difficult to pick up an audience organically because there are too many other people streaming at the same time. Rather than relying on luck, you should instead try to build a following by making a deliberate effort.

You will find that once you have reached a point where you can count on a core audience as your supporters, it will be much easier to build a community from that point on. 

The question is, how do you increase the number of Twitch viewers on your channel? We would like to offer you a few suggestions concerning how you can gradually work your way from being a noob to being someone with a good reputation, a known name, and a person that is the topic of other people’s conversations.

Ways to Get High-Quality Twitch Viewers

There are many ways to get high quality twitch viewers and one of them is to Play and Stream a Popular Game. There are a variety of benefits to playing a popular game, but there can also be some disadvantages.

The player community on GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto Online, Apex Legends – Apex Legends, Valorant – League of Legends – League of Legends – Grand Theft Auto Online, Call of Duty – Call of Duty, and Fortnite has an incredible variety of channels to join.

The number of viewers of streams on Grand Theft Auto alone, when I was writing this post, was 198K, with 64K viewers watching the channel of Portuguese streamer Loud_Coringa. Interestingly, ten of the Grand Theft Auto streamers did not have any viewers, and quite a few had as few as a single viewer.

Nevertheless, even those who are near the bottom of the Grand Theft Auto pecking order have the capability of dreaming. There are a number of methods for sorting streamers, and one of them is to sort them by Viewers (low to high). In fact, there is a chance that some people may be interested in checking out a new streamer.

A lot of people play Grand Theft Auto and the other games I mentioned above because at the very least they are popular. A lot of potential viewers are looking for a stream where somebody is playing the game they are interested in watching.

As a result, it becomes more challenging when you are attempting to play a game that is not well-liked, older, or more obscure. There are many games on all of these platforms that have fewer than 100 viewers across all of them. You may have fond memories from your younger days of playing the Crash Bandicoot games (I too have many fond memories from that time as a kid).

However, it is estimated that only five streamers are playing the Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy and these streamers have audiences ranging from eight viewers to only one. If you keep trying to help Crash Bandicoot defeat Doctor Neo Cortex on Twitch, you will never be able to get many more viewers than that.

There are several games that Twitchstrike recommends that can be streamed at any hour according to its opinion. Based on how many channels are broadcasting vs. how many people are watching, it makes recommendations based on how many channels are broadcasting. To determine what has the highest proportion (and which has the lowest proportion) of broadcasters to viewers, they examine the ratio of broadcasters to viewers. 

According to TwitchStrike, when I was writing this article, the channels with the best ratios were chess, sports, ADSM, and Pokémon Emerald channels. The study found that Final Fantasy X, SCUM, Eternal Return, and StarCraft were the worst games to stream to gain visibility, as they were calculated to be the most difficult to stream.

Interact With Your Viewers and Consider Giving Them Rewards

In the end, Twitch is really just a social streaming platform that has evolved to be focused on gaming for a very long time. However, it is no different than any other social media platform when it comes to how crucial interaction with your viewers is when you are trying to build trust and a following for your content. 

In addition to that, you can even reward your viewers by allowing them to engage with you without having to spend a great deal of real money. Taking OWN3D’s Twitch Channel Points and Rewards program as an example, streamers (along with their partners and affiliates) can use this program to reward their viewers with perks in exchange for their subscription.

Various tasks must be completed in order for viewers to earn points. In addition to watching for a specified amount of time, participating in raids, and so on, you can do many other things. Once viewers have accumulated enough Twitch Channel Points they can redeem them for a reward, usually a Twitch Channel Points icon that they can use in the chat room.

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