Wavlink Extender Setup

When it comes to issues with the internet, a Wavlink extender setup is the biggest rescuer. To get rid of dead spots in your home, it always works nicely. The Wavlink wifi extender is an AP’s finest function. Set up your network to deliver a quicker, safer, and more dependable internet connection. All of your devices are compatible with wavlink extenders. Any device, including smartphones, smart TVs, and even Roku, is compatible with Wavlink. In this article, we’ll go over the procedures you must follow to set up your Wavlink booster.

Installation of Wavlink wifi extender

Following are the procedures for setting up a Wavlink wifi extender:

  • After unboxing your wavlink extender, turn it on.
  • After pushing the power button, watch for the power LED to turn completely green.
  • Do not forget to maintain the booster near the router.
  • Connect by setting up an AP extender.
  • Open a web browser, put Ap.setup into the address bar, and then click OK.
  • Enter your personal information to log in.
  • Follow the directions to complete the installation.
  • Your repeater can be moved to its new location now that it has been detangled.

Wavlink extender setup via WPS button

Let’s explore a different method for setting up your Wavlink repeater, the WPS method, which is regarded as the quickest and simplest. You will be able to set up your extender in less than two minutes after completing the Wavlink wifi extender setup using the WPS approach without entering a username, password, or SSID.Let’s now explore the WPS method’s operation.

The steps for installing a Wavlink extender using the WPS are as follows:

  1. Set your Wavlink extender to active.
  2. Make sure it is not far from the router at home.
  3. Simply press your booster’s WPS button.
  4. Press the WPS button once more on your home router.
  5. You’ve probably successfully configured your repeater when it shows three constant green lights.
  6. The repeater can be unhooked and placed wherever you like.

How do you update the Wavlink extender’s firmware?

To fix any problems you could have when using your Wavlink extender, you must update its firmware (whether it is not providing the desired speed or something else). It has new features that might help you relax as well as more security features.

To update the firmware on your Wavlink extender, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Wavlink extender.
  • Take a look at any mobile device.
  • Navigate to or Ap.setup.
  • After choosing settings, choose firmware upgrade.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the firmware upgrading process.
  • The booster will need some time to wait, so refrain from unplugging it during that time.

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