Want to Become A Cricket Commentator? This Is The Complete Road Map for Commentator

There is a sense of excitement and zeal in the youths, children and fans of cricket for the Indian Premier League2017. 

Which team will take home the win in the match or the series? Which team will win the Man of the Series or Match? 

What would happen if their most loved players didn’t make the error? 

Which players have been performing well throughout the entire tournament? 

These are the hot issues for the cricket fans who have a look at the live broadcast of Indian Premier League 2017. 

As twenty cricket commentators will provide an explanation of every single aspect of the games being held under the umbrella of IPL 2017. 

The commentators are systematically watching every single moment of the matches. 

The lengthy narration of games in the most interactive, engaging, and captivating manner attracts the attention of scores of the population.

With the increasing craze and passion for cricket, it has become a boon not just for the players but also for anyone who discuss it. 

This is the exact the Cricketer Commentator we’re discussing. 

He is passionate about Cricket and obviously, he is talking about it. 

The market has witnessed a steady and immediate increase in need for cricket Commentators following when the Indian Premier League came into existence. It is now a an extremely lucrative career choice with high-paying salaries and lucrative earnings. 

And becoming a cricketer-commentator is not less than a fruitful, productive, ambitious, and prestigious job. 

It requires a deep understanding of cricket, a good Communication Skills and a good English Extrovert, Outspoken, a positive attitude as well as key details about the games. 

This article will provide the steps to become a great commentary on cricket for people in the process of achieving this.

Take Command of English Speaking

As the popularity of Cricket grows across the world and the need for a Commentator who is able to explain the state of a live event in a language widely understood by a significant portion of the world’s population. 

There is no doubt that it’s English through which one can fulfill the demands of the career. So, being able to speak English is essential to be a great cricket commentator. It gives us a worldwide platform.

Practice, record and make An Error-Free Commentary

After a few minutes of practice with pronunciations as well as culture, diction as well as intonation, pitch, and the speed of your vocalization, make your personal comments on various matches in an audio recorder that has the outstanding command of the language.

You can then listen to them. After that, make corrections to the recording. Then, you can approach TV as well as Radio Channels with those recordings at the time an error-free recording is created.

Engaging, talking and discussing cricket isn’t enough.

You’ll be able to see tournaments and cricket matches repeatedly. 

In addition to the names of the Cricketers and the most important teams in cricket One should have full information and information about the most important matches (past and current) dates, debacles and crucial performances of players in their mouths.

Be Extrovert, Outspoken and talkative to bring Your Commentary Come to Life

Just think of a Cricket Commentator who is a shy person and speaks in a way that is not overly important. 

The viewers of person who is a cricket commentary expert is likely to become bored and then will turn away towards him. In the middle of the game, entertaining viewers in a funny or insincere manner through anecdotes brings the commentary to life. 

Find your own unique style to being recognized by the crowd. 

You must ensure that one is up to date with most recent developments and is able to communicate effortlessly and effectively about various areas of play.

Instructions to Become A Cricket Commentator

The sports Journalism specialization or other media-related courses such as anchoring, and Radio Jockey pave the way for you to be a journalist. 

Furthermore getting earning an MBA degree will definitely enhance your analytical skills.

How Much Can A Cricket Commentator Makes

However, stepping into the most adored profession of cricket is difficult, but it can be rewarding also. 

A cricket commentator can earn around 2-3 lakhs in the beginning of his career, and between 4 and 5 lakh at the middle of their career. 

As a senior cricket commentator you can earn between 8 and 10 lakhs for the services that he offers.


Every day, the excitement of Cricket is growing rapidly and spreading widely. 

It also has gained momentum in the commercial arena. Today, it’s not limited to players only, but has it has surpassed the trillions of people watching. 

The billions of cricket enthusiasts talk, debate and discuss their favourite sport. 

As cricket’s popularity grows, so do the demands for cricket commentary. 

The demand for cricket commentators will never ever stop. 

This is why it’s a great steady, productive, and a long-lasting offbeat job that everybody wants to pursue. We’ll explain how to become a successful cricket analyst if you are also one of those.

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