Top Romantic Decoration Ideas For Valentine

Do you have any plans for your valentines day? Instead of buying gifts or going out to eat together, why don’t we decorate our house for Valentine’s by ourselves? Create a sweet, romantic atmosphere to make the couple’s love more passionate.

Valentine’s Day – Valentine is an opportunity to enjoy romantic moments with your other half. This is the day the couple’s love becomes more sublimated and the day for lovers to confess their feelings to their other half. On this occasion, people give each other chocolates, roses, cards filled with love, or valentine’s tables filled with flowers, balloons, candles, and cakes… Explore decorating ideas with Cleanipedia valentine for every space in your home.

Indispensable items when decorating Valentine

Valentine’s candle

Candles are indispensable for a private table for two on Valentine’s Day. You and your partner sit together by the flickering candle, the pleasant fragrance, and immerse in the romantic space.

  • Heart-shaped garland candle: put the candle on the party table to help the atmosphere be joyful and more romantic.
  • Gold-plated candles: add a little gold to increase the luxury.
  • Candles with twine: the candles create a lovely atmosphere.
  • Candle with fern leaves: attaching fern wings around the body of the candle brings uniqueness.

Chocolate Box

Chocolate is a meaningful gift on Valentine’s Day. Tasting a piece of chocolate, you will see a sweet taste mixed with a bit of bitterness,… That’s the meaning of love that is not only full of pink but also has difficulties and stumbles that both must overcome together. There are many models of chocolate boxes expressing different meanings

  • Valentine My Darling decorative chocolate box: is designed with a lovely heart-shaped box with a charming color attached with a cute bow. The box includes a piece of Love chocolate and two small chocolates decorated with cute and extremely sweet drawings. This is a great choice for your “one”.
  • Valentine, You are my Honey 6306 chocolate box: the box is meticulously designed with hard-colored paper with a beautiful bow. Inside the box are two chocolates wrapped in blue paper, in the middle are two red paper-wrapped heart chocolates like two people’s hearts are always facing each other. 
  • Valentine Hold Me Tight chocolate box 6303 125g: a heart-shaped box with a lovely design with a bow tie. In the box is square chocolate with a prominent Love letter and seven cute little chocolates that make the gift box more eye-catching.
  • Stylish Chocolate S60 0221 chocolate box: If your “one” likes simplicity, then choose this gift box right away! The box has six chocolates decorated with unique shapes that bring out the feelings of love that your partner gives you.

Decorate valentine with balloons

Balloons are a widely used item in party and home decorations on special occasions. The beams of colorful balloons floating when combined with the light of the candles make the decoration space more vibrant and sparkling… To make your valentine’s party more romantic, we suggest Here are some ideas for you with balloons:

  • Balloons and roses: Tie a bunch of balloons to the straps of the rose basket. The clusters of glitter balloons combined with a bouquet of bright red velvet roses will make any girl super-cute. Or you can also use transparent balloons, put the rose petals inside and blow the balloons up. 
  • Drop balloons to the ceiling: You choose two different color balloons with round, heart shapes… Then blow them up and tie them with ribbon. Balloons that are released to the ceiling with long, curly ribbons will make your valentine’s party space more romantic than ever.

Valentine’s decoration for the table

On Valentine’s Day, decorating a table with your own hands will be a great idea for couples or couples. 

Party venue

The place to set the party table depends on the preferences of you and that person. Romantic parties can be placed in places such as private spaces, outdoor parties, or luxury restaurants to give the other half a sweet and happy feeling.

Valentine decoration for living room

The living room is the first area we should think of if we want to decorate this valentine. Just think, when the other half comes home and opens the door, how surprised it will be. It’s a great idea, isn’t it!?

You can make garlands, heart-shaped ribbons, and heart balloons to create a romantic atmosphere. Alternatively, sprinkle some roses on the area around the sofa, or create a 3d heart shape. Then, light candles around the house to create a shimmering, brilliant feeling. In particular, adding heart stickers on the school, and hanging around is also an equally good idea.

Valentine’s decoration in the dining room

The dining room is also a place not to be missed. Red and white tones are an option not to be missed when decorating your room for valentine. The dining table is covered with a red and white checkered cloth, and a candle is placed above it to create a shimmer and mystery.

Don’t forget that a bouquet of fresh roses on the dining table is also a plus. No matter how much your lover doesn’t like flowers, on this day, looking at roses will make her smile brightly. Romantic space, sweet dinner, and loving whispers for each other will help you and your other half have truly meaningful moments together.

Valentine’s decoration for the bathroom

The bathroom is considered a great place to relax after your bedroom. So don’t miss the opportunity to decorate this place for valentine. A little scented candle creates a relaxing and cozy feeling, a pink face towel (if it has a heart-shaped print, the effect is much better), and a shower gel with a gentle rose scent,… If your home has In the bath, the idea of ​​​​premixing bath water with a few rose petals is spread on it. I’m sure the other half will be very happy.

Valentine’s decoration for the bedroom

Finally, the place that really sublimes in the romantic valentine’s night that you cannot ignore is the bedroom. Let’s decorate the room with warm colors such as red and orange or white added to create a unique contrast. More simply, you can just need a white sheet, a pure white pillow, and sprinkle roses on the center of the bed.

You should light incense or essential oils to create a more attractive, relaxing atmosphere for both of you. Let’s enjoy Valentine’s night – Valentine in your wonderful bed! You can follow or to find more great ideas for decoration and lifestyle.

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