Top Reasons to Buy Dahua 4MP camera.

In the world of surveillance video, 4MP cameras have become a significant emerging trend and aim to become a viable substitute for 1080p cameras. These cameras are powered by brand-new sensors that provide almost the same aspect ratio of 16:9 and 1080-pixel resolution. It is possible to locate real WDR in these cameras, and they are entirely independent of the 4MP cameras released in the past few years from ACTI.

Are you thinking of buying a dahua camera with 4MP resolution?

Learn more and discover the most important benefits you can reap from a camera with a 4MP resolution.

* Low cost

Thanks to its efficient manufacturing method, Data offers 4MP cameras for sale at meager costs, meaning that you can buy an image resolution of 4MP without spending a significant amount.

At less than 300 dollars, you can buy these cameras equipped with WDR fixed-focus domes that have integrated IR and 4MP. The price for cameras with 4MP is a bit higher than 3MP and equivalents with 1080p resolution. Nevertheless, it is possible to purchase a Dahua 4MP camera for less than $200.

* Detailed Picture Quality

You can benefit from improved detail in broader appears and improved WDR performance at the same price as the 1080p cameras at a low price. Of course, they can be an excellent alternative to most other 1080p models today.

A larger field of view and a higher number of pixels is what these cameras provide. The low-light performance of these cameras is clear and sharp, which is comparable to or better when compared with the 1080p camera models.

The camera has a high PPF and can gain subject details in 4MP models with whole light. Text is more suited to these cameras, which makes these cameras fantastic.

Even in dim lighting conditions, it is evident that the bitrate for dahua 4MP camera systems is much higher contrasted to 1080p cameras.

* High performance

In various testing settings, a dahua 4MP camera is revealed at the top in different test settings. Details of facial and text are effortlessly captured in images and multimedia taken using this camera. The camera will provide the best performance by adjusting the whole or dim lighting settings.

When you begin using a camera with a resolution of 4MP, and you are happy, you won’t want to switch to a 1080p camera to meet your needs, no matter what they are.

* Security

Suppose you own a good quality camera within your business, whether at home, the office, or even in your factory. In that case, you will be able to monitor the activities of individuals and remain vigilant. Forewarned is always forearmed, as they claim, and knowing ahead of any threat could help you protect yourself in a long way by allowing you time to plan your preparations for any emergency.

In the default settings with the default settings, the WDR performance of this system is outstanding. If you raise the WDR settings to the optimal level, you will experience higher performance. The low-light bandwidth of this type of camera is superior to the 1080p cameras you can find.


In terms of performance, detail, quality, and price, no camera on the market can compete with data. dahua four-megapixel camera. It is an excellent camera for personal needs and a perfect match for your professional needs. Make a move, and you won’t regret it!

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