Top Hostels to stay at Bir 


Bir is a rural town in the Himachal Pradesh state of northern India, located west of Joginder Nagar Valley and at the foot of the Dhauladar Ranges. 

Bir is well-known for its Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and supportive centers of the Nyingma, Karma Kagyu, and Sakya schools, which are located in or near the town. Bir is also home to a big stupa. Visitors are drawn to ecotourism, spiritual study, and meditation. 

Situated at an elevation of 1,525 m, Bir is the best getaway destination for travelers. The Bir-Billing area is a famous destination for paraglider pilots, both Indian and international visitors. The season runs from September through October, with some flights taking place in November as well. The village continues to hold international tournaments and events on a regular basis. 

Are you wondering what is worth watching in Bir since it is just a small rural village? Well, here is a list of popular attractions that you have to check out while your trip. 

● Bangoru Waterfall 

● Nyinyang Monastery 

● Deer Park Institute 

● Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat 

● Bir Billing Takeoff 

● Gunehar Waterfall 

● Tsering Jong Waterfall 

If we have succeeded in wanting you to plan a trip to Bir, Himachal Pradesh then we’d like to lend a helping hand one more time. Finding accommodation is the most tiring job while planning a trip. So, here is a list of cheap and comfortable hostels around Bir. 

1. Hipostel Bir 

With the most authentic and calming scenery blanketed around the hostel, Hipostel Bir is one of the best choices for you to consider. They offer almost every basic amenity such as free parking, free wi-fi, a restaurant, buffet dinner, buffet breakfast, and a games room. You can also rent a bicycle if you want to go for a ride. You can also bring your pet along with you since the accommodation is pet-friendly. 

2. Zostel Plus Bir 

Zostel Pus is an all adult-accommodation set in Bir. Zostel Plus has the most elegant interior decor, and naturally, you’ll want to stay there. The view from every room is absolutely stunning. The property is very well maintained and is probably every traveler’s ideal stay option. Except for its eclectic decor, the property also offers various facilities to its guests such as a cafe, lounge, pool table, free wi-fi, free parking, a restaurant, breakfast, and a games room. You can also rent bicycles at the hostel. 

3. Bir Nest Hostel

With panoramic views of majestic mountains from the hostel, Bir Nest Hostel is one of the most loved and booked hostels in Bir. The hostel has a very neat and peaceful vibe to it. If you just want to relax, sip a cup of coffee sitting on a bench, and feel a cool breeze striking your face this is the place for you. The property offers several facilities like a kitchen, wi-fi, garden, patio, and free parking. You can also bring your pets with you since the hostel is pet-friendly. 

4. Whoopers Hostel, Bir 

Whoopers Hostel has a very young and funky vibe of sorts to it. If you are a FRIENDS fan then you should definitely visit this place to find fellow fans! You will feel at home when you will go there. Whoopers Hostel is one of the most trusted hostels by travelers in Bir. Some of the facilities offered by the place are wi-fi, a games room, a shared lounge, free parking, and a garden. Pets are allowed only on request. 

5. The Hosteller Bir 

The Hosteller is a very comfortable place to be at. You will find most of the things as per your liking in the hostel. The view from the hostel is just perfect, it is the kind of scenery that you would want to see after living a very long busy life in the city. The property offers various facilities offered by the accommodation, free wi-fi, kitchen, terrace, outdoor fireplace, entertainment evenings, and a coffee house. By paying extra charges you can also go hiking, bike tours, and walking tours.

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