Tips for Swimming in Cold Water This Winter

The preparation before swimming in cold water in the sea

As always, the most important thing when facing a challenge , no matter how small, is to prepare correctly:

Depending on where you live and what your resistance to cold is , you should devote more or less attention to this part

Still, review all the points in this open water guide , because they are important for your safety and performance with lifeguard course.

  1. Start now !
    Remember that the only way to control something that challenges us is practice:

The earlier you start, the more time and effort you can devote to this activity and the further you will go

If what stops you are really self-imposed excuses , try to overcome them and find a way to start practicing as soon as possible

Find out what reasons you have for not starting to swim in cold water right now …

And surely you will be able to find a solution to each one .

If this is a problem, write me a comment below and I’ll give you a hand!

  1. Mental preparation is essential:
    Think about the situation, about the training you are going to do

Remember that entering cold water will create a shock that you will have to control and master to continue swimming

Therefore, think about it beforehand to be clear and facilitate the situation.

  1. And your breath is the most important thing
    Entering the cold water suddenly will shock your body:

Your breathing will be altered and you will want to get out of the water as soon as possible
Therefore, you should try to control your breathing:

Do exercises beforehand , as usual, focusing on your breathing rhythm and being aware of the movements you make

  1. Go further :
    You should already be clear that the most important thing to swim in cold water is your previous preparation
  • Your concentration at the moment of entering the water
    control your breathing
    Be in control of your movements and keep your heart rate low
    There are different methods that work all this…
  • The best known being the Wim Hof ​​method
  • I leave you several resources so that you know it and think if you are interested:
  • access to your page
    a very complete article where an athlete tries the Wim Hof ​​method
    and a video with the basics:
  1. Practice a lot :
    As I was saying, practice makes perfect , so you should spend as much time as possible on it.

Although it is not advisable to spend too much time swimming in the sea in water that is too cold, it is a good idea to do it often to get your body used to it.

  1. Safety first
    It is advisable that you swim accompanied, at least the first few times
    Therefore, if you do not train in a club, for example, tell your acquaintances or training partners so that someone can accompany you.
  1. …don’t be influenced by other swimmers
    Remember that it is not a competition to see who stays in the water the longest when swimming in cold water

Sometimes we tend to unconsciously compare ourselves or sting ourselves with other swimmers

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