Spider-Man 2018 is an amazing action-adventure game influenced by Marvel Comics, developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game stars Peter Parker, secretly known as Spider-Man, as the main character. This article looks at the top five battlesuits that have been seen in the movies, and most of them are unlocked during the main game.

1. Sam Raimi’s suit

The battle suit evolved from the trilogy of 2002-2007 Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films. Covering nearly a quarter of Peter Parker’s life from high school through college, the suit meets formidable foes like the Green Goblin, Sandman, Venom and Dr. octavious Similar to the classic version, except Spider-Man is covered in weaving patterns around his suit. ps4 pro gebraucht Players can unlock this suit after downloading patch 1.13 on PlayStation 4. In my opinion, he comes first because the suit has been tested strong and aggressive, especially in the fight against Dr. Octavious in Harlem, Manhattan, New York.

2. Iron Spider suit

Crafted by Tony Stark, the runner-up suit appeared in the 2019 films Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Technologies and components from the Iron Man suit are incorporated into the Iron Spider. Feared by enemies once the four iron arms that spontaneously grow are unleashed during battles.

The suit design is similar to the Advanced suit, covered with a gold skeleton and a slightly smaller embroidered gold spider on the web head’s chest. The golden skeleton with maroon and navy colors gives the elegant look during net swinging and fighting. This is second best in my opinion as Web Head plays the most important role as a superhero to protect the Avengers from the Power Gauntlet during the immense final battle.

3. Wrestler suit

Although that’s the least mentioned. The suit, designed by Peter Parker himself in 2002 to compete in wrestling and earn some money, opens the door for other suit designs in future films and games. Battlesuit power is not at its best. Compared to other suit powers, throw enemies out of webs without even webping them.

However, the red and blue outfit represents the real symbol of Spider-Man, which true believers would prefer. In my opinion, the suit comes third because it’s the turning point in Peter Parker’s life in which he gains power and responsibility, advice he abids by after the death of his uncle Ben.

4. Far From Home (Improved) Suit

The suit represents the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie and is unlocked after downloading patch 1.16. Similar to the classic version using the black and red color instead, designed by Tony Stark from the Homecoming movie and seen in the final battle against Mysterio. The suit replicates exact features of the Iron Man suit in the film and is assisted by artificial intelligence EDITH in deploying the weapons. In the game itself, however, there are no associated suit powers.

In my opinion, this suit is in fourth place because the suit has cool visuals and it’s ability to reveal deceptions from Mysterio. However, the suit still plays a lesser role in Web Head’s life and perhaps still evolves in later years.

5. Stealth Suit (Black Monkey).

The final battle suit first appeared in the 2019 movie Spider-Man: Far From Home and was available after downloading patch 1.16. Similar to the Noir suit designed for stealth missions. However, the stealth suit, also known funnily as the Black Monkey suit, does not have combat suit powers.

I personally used this suit in one of the DLC: The City Never Sleeps series, The Heist. The suit fits perfectly in stealth takedown situations in dark environments. To add even more, the fighting partnership between Spider-Man and Black Cat, both wearing black stealth suits, makes it even more exciting to watch.

Until Dawn (PS4) Review


So over the past week I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and play Sony’s PlayStation 4 exclusive game Until Dawn. A game that follows some teenagers on their way to a mountain cabin for a fun and action-packed weekend with their friends. Although this mountain is not what it seems, upon arrival you will be thrust into a journey of epic and terrifying proportions. Go through this terrifying experience while constantly sitting on the edge of your seat and see if everyone dies or not who stays standing. In some ways this game is very similar to the Cabin in the Woods horror movies that come out in cinemas every now and then, but where this game differs is in an excellent story with great character development. Now let’s look at what some of the pros and cons of the game are.


There are many things to love about this game. One thing I particularly liked was the good use of quick-time events, which let you decide where you go in the story. Additionally, it was great to see a game where the choices you make actually make a difference in the overall story. For example, if something happens one way, you won’t be able to see a certain section of the story, or if you do something a different way, you might encounter something you don’t normally see. The entire branching of the storylines is extremely well done and offers enormous replay value. So if you were wondering if this game is worth the $60 asking price, it definitely is. Another thing I personally liked about the game was the overall aesthetic. While playing the game you feel almost completely immersed in the action and if you look away for a second you risk something bad happening.


It’s difficult to pinpoint specific problems with the game. It performed very well and I never noticed frame rate drops or anything like that. If I had to mention something, I would say that there were TV show-like summaries between chapters that you couldn’t skip. ps4 slim 1tb gebraucht For some people, it would be nice to just add a simple skip option if you want to replay a chapter and not watch it every time.


Overall, Until Dawn is everything you could wish for in a horror game and more. Combining a beautiful and immersive environment with a great story and fantastic character development. In my opinion this game deserves a 9.5/10 which characterizes an overall fantastic game.

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