Science-Based Infrared (IR) technology Interview with Courtney Okeefe, Director of Supply Chain at Hologenix

Courtney Okeefe is Chief Supply Chain Executive at Hologenix, a company in materials science dedicated to making products that maximize human potential. This includes its flagship product, CELLIANT(r). CELLIANT’s scientifically-proven Infrared (IR) technology enhances well-being and health by encouraging relaxation and improving the recovery and performance of people. CELLIANT’s unique blend of minerals that generate IR is incorporated into fibers yarns, fabrics, and yarns, which power bio-responsive fabrics. CLIENT is an essential ingredient utilized by top brands for products that span the categories of bedding, apparel, sleepwear furniture, uniforms, upholstery, and medical equipment. Courtney has a long-standing history in the business working with 20+ top brands, focusing on the different categories of products in all kinds of fabrics from over 45 countries.

Tell us a little more about you?

Hi, I’m Courtney OKeefe, the chief supply chain manager of Hologenix. CLIENT(r) is Hologenix’s most popular technology. It’s an infrared-based ingredient brand that improves textile-based products with wellness and health benefits. Recently, I’ve been able to help create one of our most recent product lines, CELLIANT viscose, which is the first sustainable in-fiber viscose infrared product on the market. We designed it in collaboration with Kelheim Fibres, who is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and are true pioneers in sustainability.

What exactly is Hologenix, and what special services can you offer?

Hologenix is a material science firm that creates products that can help increase human potential. More than that is that it’s a fantastic group of people who are fun to work with and strive to develop innovative products that enhance people’s lives.

Regarding your most popular technology, Celliant, What exactly is it, what is it for, and what problem is it solving?

CLIENT is a mixture of bioceramics infused into yarn or a fiber carrier that absorbs and transforms your body’s energy into the infrared. This can provide many health benefits, such as increased local circulation, enhanced local cellular oxygenation, better temperature control, better sleep, more energy, and faster recovery after exercise. It’s an ingredient-based brand used in many high-end brands across different industries, for instance, Under Armour RUSH(TM), Bear Mattress, Lunya, Aeon mey, and an upholstery line through our partnership with Designtex and Crypton Home.

We believe in scientific research and verifying our claims through physical and clinical tests. We’ve completed nine clinical trials that have demonstrated the effectiveness of the client’s efficacy. CLIENT, and we’re constantly making plans to conduct additional trials through the help of our Science Advisory Board.

We believe that we’ve developed products that help people in various ways. It is evident to the brands we work with that we’re in multiple categories that we can differentiate our brand and assist their customers. For athletes with elite status who seek the best possible advantage and those who have physical demands or like to have an uninterrupted sleep, that time on the sofa becomes an opportunity to recover quicker, or even sit-down moments in the office, for instance.

How large is the market, and how do you integrate wellness and health in the textile industry? What are the top trends in this field?

If you consider that the global wellness market is estimated to be worth around $4 trillion, it’s expected that a growing segment of that will turn out to be wellness and health textiles. Since we’re talking about very new technology or its use, the main focus is on the products. It’s the notion that you could reap wellness benefits even when you’re entirely passive. You could reap benefits by wearing your clothes and ski boots, lying on specific sheets or blankets, and sleeping on blankets. We’ve always been accustomed to clothes with advantages for function, but the physical benefits are the newest trend, as consumers demand more excellent value from the products they invest in. There are a lot of integrations, such as CBD or menthols, lavenders, etc., which are encapsulated substances and can be broken down using heated or agitated. They’re not all long-lasting. With CELLIANT, it’s a bioceramic that is in the fiber. It doesn’t get ruined or worn out and has a lengthy shelf-life. In reality, it will last the lifespan of the product.

Find out more about CELLIANT(r) viscose and the partnership with Kelheim Fibres; what is the focus, and what makes the collaboration unique?

Our partnership with Kelheim is extraordinary. Kelheim and the two companies have identical cultures. Both are committed to innovation. As we do, they’re top-of-the-line in their field and are the absolute top performers in sustainability.

CLIENT viscose is the first in-fiber infrared solution for sustainability available on the market. It meets the genuine demands of consumers and our requirements for greener textiles.

CLIENT viscose, of course, offers all the same health benefits as CLIENT. It captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, resulting in improved local circulation and improved oxygenation of the cells. Furthermore, Kelheim Fibres is part of the Canopy Initiative and was presented with a dark green t-shirt in 2021. This means they’re the top company in responsible raw material sourcing.

The method CELLIANT viscose mixes with other fibers, making it a flexible and valuable thread. It is compatible with micro modal, cotton wool, and lyocell varieties like cashmere.

This is unique since we’re trying to be more eco-conscious in the way that we introduce CELLIANT to the market. It’s very satisfying. And it’s even better when you’re able to work with great individuals like Kelheim.

What are the nature-based fibers as well as infrared healing integrated? 

Contrary to other coated products, CELLIANT viscose is an in-fiber solution. It is a result of the durability of the benefits infrared and the product’s durability through drying and washing. Also, it has improved wearability and an extraordinarily soft and comfortable feel. Also, because it is made of fiber, CELLIANT is incorporated without further processes, making it more economical and time-efficient and less environmental impact.

How can you define a sustainable brand of textiles? Why does it require disruption to the supply chain, and what are the implications for the CLIENT? CLIENT initiative?

I believe that a sustainable textile company lives by its words. One that can put it in their mission statement and set measurable goals that they publish the annual reports of their business. You’re either honest about this, or else you’re just not. This will help reduce the impact that the chain of supply leaves and reduce the risk of disruptions in trade, costs, and lead times.

Which are the advantages of this new technology for humanity and the planet? do you have any successes you’d like to be able to share with us?

Interestingly, CELLIANT is really about energy efficiency. It is about the efficiency of human energy in the first place. Because CELLIANT can capture the body heat that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere and transforms it into infrared energy that the body can utilize, it is all about improving your body’s efficiency. We can think of a myriad of applications when thinking about helping our bodies become more efficient in energy use. There’s loungewear, sportswear, bedding, sleepwear, and mattresses, and the list continues. The range extends beyond us humans into our animal companions. CLIENT is utilized as leg wraps to help horses, saddle pads, and even dog beds to help our furry friends rest better and recover more quickly.

Beyond the human body and pets, we’re beginning to consider opportunities for commercialization in agriculture, where we’ve learned that CELLIANT can boost plant growth by reducing the need for water. It also helps with the mechanical aspect of energy efficiency that helps to speed up drying time for clothes dryers.

What are you working on, and what’s the next thing on your list? Do you have any open partnership or investment opportunities?

In reality, there are many things to consider. Now and then, I glance at my email inbox and am amazed by everything happening and the various sectors we’re discussing. It’s truly unique. We are looking for new ways to integrate, many of which I’m not able to discuss yet. One that I’m able to mention that was stated in the earlier question is the use of CLIENT to cut down drying times. We are currently working on new ways to allow CELLIANT to be used in skincare and beauty products, like sheet masks, which are just the beginning of many innovations that will develop within FemTech and women’s health. We have several partners who are working to integrate CELLIANT in medical equipment and consumer products like braces, wraps, bandages, and wraps that we are thrilled with.

Are you able to provide any additional details to share with your readers?

I’d say I’m very excited about the future of wellness and health in the field of textiles. Through our focus and determination to continuously improve our sustainability and decrease our footprint, we can contribute to the planet and do our part in making the industry of textiles cleaner.

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