Rick Simpson Oil RSO for Cancer

One person whose condition improves after taking a substance could be a coincidence but multiply that by hundreds or thousands, and it looks more like an actual effect. Moreover, clinical trials also count people whose condition doesn’t improve – something that reliance on personal testimonials often misses. Here at cbdMD, we like to be as transparent as possible about our products, how we make them, and what’s in them. And while Simpson himself seems to be a true believer in his oil, there are two troubling signs about the whole RSO phenomenon that should make you wary. After listening to the feedback from medical patients Jetty Extracts serve through its Shelter Project nonprofit, the company has developed a whole new applicator for its potent RSO.

Since oils can hide a lot of impurities — especially since RSO is sometimes black in color — it’s easy for unregulated brands and companies to fill their oils with unwanted pesticides, fillers, or other materials. When looking for symptom relief for a condition or for medical benefits, for one patient, the goal is to gradually consume 60 grams of Rick simpson oil for sale over the course of a 90-day period. Rick Simpson, the creator of RSO, suggests a graduated dosing protocol for those wishing to use the oil to treat medical conditions. The protocol involves ingesting RSO for over two months and steadily increasing the dosage as your tolerance allows. At ASCO 2022, liquid biopsy companies and top cancer researchers presented a variety of liquid biopsy studies for multiple types of cancer. However, these side effects may only last for a few hours and usually don’t pose any major health risks.

They are also known under such names as RSO , F.E.C.O. , hashish oil – or just “cannabis extract”. No matter what the name is, it is a highly potent extract which is said to treat a wide range of serious ailments and diseases. Each syringe contains approximately 60% THC and 6% CBD.

It is also important to note that an older study from 2004 suggested that high THC concentrations actually accelerated cancer cell progression rather than decreasing it. Therefore, more research is necessary before scientists can draw firm conclusions on the efficacy of RSO. Also, although they are limited, the few human studies to date do show promise, particularly in preventing or slowing tumor growth. According to the website, individuals should use cannabis from Cannabis indica strains to make the oil correctly. Some people suggest that these strains create a more subdued, relaxed state, which is reportedly important to assist healing.

Some people create capsules with RSO to avoid the strong cannabis taste, while others add it to food and drinks. You can use RSO in cooking the same way as cannabutter or by adding it to the finished dish. The solvent evaporation is finished when a few inches of dark, thick oil are left in the rice cooker.

Many new patients think extracts are just for dabbing—they are surprised to learn that RSO can be consumed in a smokeless manner. Since it’s a versatile product, it needed versatile hardware! We’ve chosen to package our RSO in a simple-to-use syringe for easy dispensing.

Due to its tendency to be much stronger than other cannabis oils, it is usually taken in doses no larger than a grain of rice. Since 1975, Rick Simpson’s self healing journey, has now become a worldwide phenomenon. The 1975 study revealed that cannabinoids THC and cannabinol stopped the growth of lung cancer in mice. A 2016 study examined the effects of THC and CBD extracts alongside radiation therapy.

There is no solid evidence to support the claims that RSO can cure cancer directly. These initial results look positive, but it is still too early to make any broad statements about cannabis and cancer therapy. With this in mind, more long-term studies using RSO or cannabis in humans would need to help back up any claims with strong evidence. The research indicated that both THC and CBD could help as supplementary treatments for pancreatic cancer. The authors urged more clinical studies to look into using cannabinoids for pancreatic cancer. RSO is a high potency cannabis extract with high levels of THC and other cannabinoids.

Known for its profound therapeutic potential, cannabis RSO oil is a highly sought-after concentrate, and it is not without reason. This particular concentrate is unique because of its name, its history, and how it is used. Let’s take a closer look at RSO, how to use RSO oil, and more. As mentioned earlier, full spectrum RSO has way, way more THC than that.

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