Making use of Technology On Business Systems: Interview with Benito Keh, Founder of Ferrotech Steel Corporation

Technology for business has advanced to aid us in all ways. It assists in keeping our operations in order and is often an integral component in the overall process. It ensures that business owners such as Benito Ketch have the right tools to communicate, track, and productivity, even if they run small-sized businesses.

Benito Keh is one of those business owners who believe in the potential of technology to improve business. It’s crucial to know the modern technology driving and supporting your business’s success, particularly how useful technological tools are. They can be utilized every day to make life easier.

There are numerous types of companies today that utilize different types of technology, like call centers or online retailers – however, one thing that’s common to all companies is the desire for convenience and modern technology in their lives, especially when it comes to communicating with customers or dealing with financial issues.

If you are the company manager that uses cutting-edge technology to help take its business into the future, you’re on the right path. You are likely to bring your business just one more step toward sustaining long-term growth.

However, If you haven’t used modern technologies in your company or don’t have the skills required to use them efficiently, you could find that you’re worried about being lost. This is because you’re not up to date with the way technology changes in our world and eventually reduce your overall revenues.

If you’re not using the latest technologies to run your business, you’re losing out on numerous opportunities to expand and thrive using the tools that modern technology can provide.

We talk about more ways to use technological innovation in businesses together with Benito Keh. Here are a few things he talked about through his years of knowledge.

On A Mobile-Centered Environment

“Smart devices” allow you to control every aspect of your business from a distance. Everything from sales support, content marketing, and customer service through back-end processes such as billing and shipping are available just a click away button. Customers are also becoming more dependent on mobile devices due to the growth of Generation Y (Millennials).

In the end, it’s never been simpler for retailers to be in contact with their clients in innovative ways based on the needs of their customers, which include, but are not only: allowing purchase transactions by approving transactions as well as keeping an eye on the status of orders and inventory levels throughout the day. All of this is possible due to mobile technology, which has revolutionized the way that merchants, as well as consumers, interact with retail .”

On Productivity and Functionality

“First, The hardware and software needed to create these software solutions are now increasingly easy to acquire and use. In addition, the number of entrepreneurs and tech-savvy individuals who can take advantage of these shattered barriers has exploded.

An inventory system at the back end that was once a multi-million-dollar company an entire year to develop in the past takes just a few weeks for just a handful of recent college graduates to create. The solutions are available at reasonable prices and are usually simple so that businesses do not have to employ dedicated staff or sign long-term service agreements for them. .”

On Collaboration in The Workplace

“The difficulty of gathering in the breakroom or walking through the hallway to a colleague’s office or even meeting in a central area with whiteboards has dramatically made it more necessary to use collaborative instruments and systems.

There is a myriad of tools that businesses have turned to, including applications and software that make it easier to understand the way we work to discuss team issues and collaboration between projects, file sharing tasks, storage, and more. The ability of teams to remain connected to each other and their objectives is among the main tasks of these tools. They are designed to deliver real-time insights into projects and help us become more efficient. .”

On Customer Relationship

“Creating an efficient communication system is essential and can be made easier by using different software. For instance, customer relationship management systems permit companies to keep details of customer interactions and create contact lists or address books.

Most of the time, these programs offer a range of beneficial functions, like reporting on their interactions with clients and information on telemarketing. This makes it more beneficial to use these programs. The most well-known platforms are HubSpot along with Salesforce .”

Final Word of Advice

“Even even if your business is quite successful, it is important to be aware of everything happening in the tech industry since you don’t know when a new idea may come up that will be able to wipe you off the radar!

All established businesses have an estimated market share that could be large or small, which does not necessarily indicate their status in the current market. This doesn’t mean that the companies have prepared their technology for the future by incorporating the latest trends in their businesses and focusing on creating long-lasting processes.

To be a successful company in this day and age, you must understand the impact of technology on your business and how to use this technology to your advantage rather than being a victim to your current business success.”

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