LVDUN Windows

LVDUN window frames are made of the finest material, the most durable vinyl. The LVDUN 80 Narrow-frame Series comes with original imported hardware from Sobinco. These windows have no base handle, hidden hinges, anti-pry grade multi-point locking system and PA66 corner protectors, bringing you the ultimate comfort and enjoyment. Here are some features of lvdunwindows.

Commercial door with glass panels

Lvdunwindows commercial doors are made with multiple moving panels to provide superior energy efficiency. They are manufactured in China and use an interlocked system of panels that slide easily behind a single structural element. They are also highly secure. They offer many benefits over conventional doors, including enhanced security and improved energy efficiency. Below are some of the benefits of these doors. Read on to learn more about them!

Narrow-frame series

The Trinsic Series is a contemporary vinyl window that features a sleek, low-profile frame and maximized viewable glass area. The Trinsic Series is perfect for modern homes because the sleek, contemporary style complements today’s modern design aesthetic. In addition to a low-profile frame, the Trinsic Series has a variety of design options. The narrow-frame design makes it easy to customize sizing and glass area to fit your home’s style.

Energy efficiency

Installing new, energy efficient windows can significantly cut your heating and cooling bills. New energy-efficient windows can reduce these costs by five to fifteen percent, and in some cases, even by forty percent. In other words, replacing a thousand-square-foot building with energy-efficient windows could save your business $100 each month. And after the windows are installed, you’ll enjoy permanent value improvements as well. Depending on your building’s size and location, new windows could add up to eight percent to a building’s overall value.

Besides reducing energy costs, energy-efficient windows also promote sustainability. By making their interiors and exteriors more energy-efficient, these windows can reduce cooling and heating bills. They also help reduce energy use by preventing hot air from entering the space. Compared to standard windows, energy-efficient windows are typically double or triple-paned, incorporating layers of an inert gas such as argon. Because argon is a low-conductivity medium, it is difficult for heat to pass through the glass.


Commercial windows combine energy efficiency with aesthetics. Their large glass panes display products or services and are usually more expensive than residential windows. Many home builders choose to use colored tilt and turn windows because they increase the property value, but these options can raise the price of your home. For this reason, homeowners are encouraged to go with a standard white window instead. Although it costs less, colored tilt and turn windows may not be the best choice for every commercial building.

Before deciding on the design and look of your commercial windows, you should consider their function. The windows must let natural light into the room, as light will affect the way customers see the products displayed. By providing a light atmosphere, your customers will feel more relaxed and comfortable, thereby enhancing the shopping experience. Additionally, windows with the right lighting can showcase your retail products in the most attractive way. An attractive display will increase the number of customers that your store can draw.

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