Instructions to Create Custom WooCommerce Order Statuses

Orders are made in WooCommerce when a client completes their checkout cycle. Make Custom WooCommerce Order Statuses WooCommerce orders have various circumstances with letting you know the continuous spot of the solicitation, whether it is done or its portion is approaching, etc.

WooCommerce has several pre-described demand circumstances with help to set demand status (move the solicitation beginning with one stage and afterwards onto the following in the taking care of cycle). We ought to analyze them.

Approaching Payment:

The WooCommerce demand status is set to “impending portion” when the solicitation is set at this point the portion isn’t made. This routinely happens when ‘Cash down’ is picked as the portion decision.

Dealing with:

The WooCommerce demand status is set to “dealing with” when the solicitation is set and a portion has been made and the stock is in like manner diminished. All orders go through dealing with aside from ‘Downloadable’. The downloadable things are made available once the portion has been made by the client.

Wrapped up:

At the point when the solicitation is put, a portion has been made and the solicitation is passed on to the client, the WooCommerce demand status will be separate as wrapped up. The solicitation requires no further movement.


Here, the WooCommerce demand status is set to “on-hold” when the solicitation is put and a portion is expected. The stock is diminished once the solicitation is set waiting. The executive necessities to confirm the portion. Generally, expecting the solicitation is of mechanized and downloadable things, the status is set to on-hold. At the point when the portion is made, the modernized things are sent off to the client and the solicitation is separate as wrapped up.


The solicitation status is set to drop on the off chance that the client or chairman drops the solicitation. The stock isn’t diminished here.


The portion has been limited to the client by the manager expecting that the solicitation was dropped.


The solicitation status is set to “failed” expecting the portion cycle failed during the checkout or the portion was declined.

Making a Custom Order Status in WooCommerce

Since we have looked at the open solicitation circumstances, make another custom solicitation status. You may want to make another solicitation status that doesn’t have a spot with any of the continuous solicitation circumstances. That is a very ordinary business essential for WooCommerce vendors.

Demand circumstances with set aside in the post_status segment in the wp_posts table. Consequently, we first need to select a post status using the register_post_status methodology open in WordPress.

For example, our Deposits for WooCommerce module has a custom solicitation status of Scheduled. The booked solicitations are made when the client picks a portion plan and the extra store aggregate is to be paid through the subsequent orders. These orders have the solicitation status of Scheduled.

We ought to make a solicitation status called ‘Booked’, which will be taken care of in the informational collections as ‘wc-arranged’ post status.

In the above model, we register another post status using register_post_status(). The capacity takes two limits – $post_status and $args. $post_status is the name of the new status that should be taken care of in the informational index through $args limit is a display which has the accompanying properties –

  • mark: A name for the post status
  • public: Whether posts of this status should be shown in the front completion of the site
  • exclude_from_search: Whether to banish posts of this status from the rundown things.
  • show_in_admin_all_list: To recollect posts for the change posting of their post type
  • show_in_admin_status_list: Show in the overview of goals with their post counts
  • Usage: Order Statuses

our new solicitation circumstances with, images, mass exercises, and movement buttons will by and by be displayed in your orders list at whatever point used. You’ll have the choice to see these images expecting a solicitation using your custom status.

If you’ve made “Next circumstances with” your custom circumstances, and added a custom status to the “Accompanying status” for a middle status, the legitimate action buttons will be shown. For example, note the dealing with demand in the screen caught under. I’ve added “Assembling” and “Expecting shipment” as the following circumstances with taking care of requests, so these movement buttons will right now be displayed for any solicitation put aside as dealing with.

In case you’ve enabled mass exercises for status, it will be added to the “Mass Actions” list in the upper left of your orders screen. By picking circumstances by using a mass action, they will be for the most part revived to this status normally.

Deleting Statuses

If whenever you decide to eradicate a solicitation status, Order Status Manager will check to expect demands to use this status. Expect that no orders by and by use this status will be eradicated normally.

If orders at this point use this status, you’ll be drawn nearer to reassigning these to another status or eradicating thus. On the off chance that you truly want to reassign these to your new status, select the right status to use and snap “Reassign and eradicate”.

Expecting you do a clear “Delete”, any solicitation that used this status will be moved to “On hold” so you can go on starting there.

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