Is your car protected enough against the sun?

It is important to protect your car from the harsh effects of the sun. Protection from the heat keeps your car in good shape by retaining its paint as if it was new. You can use a car cover to protect the vehicle’s body when parked out in the sun. The car cover price is affordable and it is a good way to prevent fading and damage to the paint.

The sun and heat can be very damaging to a car’s exterior as well as interior. The dashboard, seats and paint surface should be protected from the sun.

Whether you live in a hot climate where there is lots of sunshine, or the climate is warm all year round, it is best to keep your car well protected and safe.

Protecting the interior

The interior of your car should be in good shape especially since you spend all your time in the driver’s seat. The following steps can help keep your interior clean and protected.

Park your car in the shade

Avoiding sunlight is one of the best ways to protect your car from the harsh sun. Avoid direct sunlight on the dashboard which can easily crack from drying, since they are usually made of plastic that cannot expand in the heat.

If you have no choice but to park your car in direct sunlight, then at least keep the windows slightly open so that the temperature doesn’t rise in the cabin.

You can also make use of sunshades that block out harmful UV rays from penetrating your car cabin.

Make use of a windshield sunscreen.

It covers the entire length and breadth of the windscreen and will not allow sun rays to get into the interior. The car remains cool and sun damage is mitigated. Windshield screens are easy to use and can be folded and stowed away when driving.

Just unfold it and slide it on the windshield from the inside of the cabin.

Wipe down the dashboard

Dust and dirt can accumulate on the dashboard and other interior parts and can cause scratches over time. Wipe down the dashboard with a microfibre cloth so that there are no scratches left behind. Interior trim detailing products can be added so that the dash remains flexible and won’t crack under direct sun.

Use seat covers

The leather and fabric on the seat may fade under the sun. They can also attract dust. Seat covers protect the leather and fabric underneath and keep them cool under the heat of the sun.

Condition leather trim and upholstery

Leather conditioner should be applied often to the leather seats to keep them soft and supple. It increases the comfort factor when seats are conditioned. Sunlight can cause the leather to dry up and crack or tear when you sit on them.

Ways to protect the exterior from the sun

Use the following tips to keep your car’s exterior in good shape.

Wash and dry your car every 2 weeks

The heat of the sun can ruin your paint causing it to crack and peel off. Fading is also another issue with extreme heat. A frequent car wash can get rid of dust and dirt that may harm your car’s exterior under the sun.

Use wax on your car

Wax is an excellent protectant from UV rays from the sun. It will not allow the paint to fade, crack or get ruined. Wax your car every few months to maintain the exterior in good condition.

Keep the tyre pressure in check

Extreme heat can cause your tyres to lose air pressure, which may lead to a blowout when driving. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended pressure rating

Engine Bay

The sun may also cause damage under the hood where your engine resides. A little preventive maintenance keeps your car out of the garage.

Cooling system

Top up the coolant/antifreeze when it is low. You don’t want your engine overheating on a hot day. Change serpentine belts of the water pump and radiator fan id they are worn out or heat damaged.

Engine fluids

Oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid should be checked regularly and topped up if needed.


High-temperature climate can cause the battery to wear out and malfunction. Have the battery checked by a service technician to make sure it is in the best condition and can supply electrical power to the car.


Check the A/c refrigerant in case the interior is not cool enough on a hot day. Low levels of A/c refrigerant can cause the A/c to operate with insufficient cooling.


No matter how hot it gets outside, try to stay cool in your car, quite literally. Leaving your car parked in extreme sunlight can adversely affect the state of your car. The paintwork, windscreen, interiors and tyres, all of these components can suffer damage due to the blistering sun.

Follow the steps outlined in this article to keep your car in good shape, and prevent problems from turning into catastrophes in the long run. Protect your car’s exterior and interior from prolonged exposure to the sun.

These tips should help protect your car from extreme heat and sunlight for a long time.

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