How to decorate your home in 4 steps?

Bought or rented a new property and don’t know how to start decorating each room? Being such an essential point to create the dream home, many people have doubts about how to decorate each home environment.

Without having to resort to the help of professionals, it is possible to assemble the decoration of your home in a few simple steps. Going through the choice of colors and styles to completing the space with furniture and accessories, discover how to make your home your own!

1 – Start by choosing the colors that will be used:

The first step in how to decorate your rooms is to select the colors that will be used. Choose a shade as a base and have two more options to complement it, which will be used in print details and accessories.

It is also possible to choose a color and combine it with its tonal variations, such as beige, gray and blue, for example. If you choose monochromatic, the all-white decor is a light, well-lit and stylish solution for the rooms in your home, whether living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

2 – Define a Decorative style:

With the colors defined, you probably already have a decorative style in mind. In the case of those who opted for the all-white decor, minimalism is what they want. If you’re going to use natural tones, maybe you can go the rustic route, while shades of yellow and green lean towards a tropical decor.

Defining a decorative style is a good step to guide yourself in the creation and harmony of your decoration. With each characteristic defined, it is just a matter of relying on the colors, materials and furniture formats used in each option to create a dream room.

Whatever style you choose, don’t forget your personal preferences. Think that you will spend a lot of time in this space and it is important that it portrays all your tastes and personality.

3 – Select the furniture that will be used:

Now that you can get an idea of ​​how you want your decor to look, we can start filling in the spaces in the room. When choosing furniture, prefer to start with the essentials for each room.

In this case, for example, in a living room it is important to have a sofa, a TV rack and a side table, just as in a bedroom it is necessary to have a bed, closet and a nightstand.

From that point on, fill the space you still have available with options that are always functional, which in addition to being charming, make your routine at home easier. Some options are poufs and stools, coffee table, sideboard, desk and shelves that organize and bring sophistication. Can You Paint black plumbing plastic tubes click here

4 – Complete the space with textiles and accessories:

From the chosen furniture you will already have the basis of your created decor, now just bet on decorative objects and textiles to complete each corner. In the case of textiles, pillows, blankets, bedding, rugs and curtains are responsible for heating, bringing personality and comfort to spaces.

Accessories such as picture frames, trays, vases, books, candles, lamps, are ideal to complement the space with charm and functionality, in addition to defining the chosen decorative style. Create harmony between items of the same material, such as silver or gold metals, for example. Use the pieces on shelves, shelves and on top of tables and sideboards, identifying if the end result pleases you.

Now that you know how to decorate your new property with basic tips, just put them into practice and achieve a decoration that is your face.

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