How to Create an Innovative Unboxing Experience with Cardboard boxes

Shareable experiences and other interactions drive today’s customers. If your brand is capable of engaging the customers with cardboard boxes, it’s a great chance for you to grow your brand. Creating an innovative unboxing experience with custom cardboard boxes is a useful tactic to increase your business sales. According to the latest statistics of 2018, if we search the term “unboxing” on the internet, it returns more than 76.3 million videos, accounting an increase of 86% by 2016. Custom packaging and the use of protective packaging have played a vital role in this regard. Below are some of the ways to create an innovative unboxing experience by using cardboard boxes:

Appropriate Box Sizing:

The appropriate size of custom packaging boxes plays a significant role in determining a good box opening experience. Making the custom boxes according to the product’s size requires less cardboard. It also reduces the need for packaging material needed to fill a larger-sized box.  A right size packaging keeps the product in its place, minimizing the risk of damage. All these factors collectively help determine a great unboxing experience for the customers. Moreover, the manufacturers and customers of today have become environmentally concerned, so it’s a big step in this regard.

Boxes with Inserts:

Designing custom-printed boxes with inserts give an attractive look to your packaging. It’s a good way of displaying the product and its accessories without messing them up. Dividers are another alternate of inserts. They provide a good box opening experience, especially for the products with several parts. Everyone might be aware of the fact that Apple is famous for its unboxing. Its minimalistic design with simple inserts is the reason behind its success. If you search on Youtube, you will find unlimited videos of the Apple unboxing experience, which fascinates everyone.

Color the Box Internally:

A number of manufacturers work on the external look of custom packaging boxes. But a few who succeed in designing them well internally stand out in the crowd. Introducing a color or any random pattern on the inside of the box is a great way to provide an interesting unboxing experience to the customers. It helps you in promoting your brand by gaining the attention of a heap of the target audience.

Choose Right Type of Packaging Materials:

While designing your custom cardboard boxes it is necessary to understand which kind of protective packaging is right for your product. For this, you have to understand the nature of the item, i.e., whether it’s fragile and needs to be held in the same place or the products are durable and solid but they require protection from being scratched. The priority of every package is to ensure the safety of the product. Nothing can be worst than unboxing a damaged item. It increases your costs as the broken product needed to compensate the customer by replacing or shipping a new product. Following are some basic types of protective packaging which not only protect the product but also provide a great box opening experience.

  • Tissue Wrap:

Using tissue paper inside the custom-printed boxes provides an enticing view to the customers. It makes them feel that they are delivered with something extraordinary. Covering the product with a tissue wrap keeps the product in its place and avoids scratching. You can use a color on a tissue wrap to make it more beautiful.

  • Filler:

Whenever you open the custom boxes, you come across a variety of filler materials like Styrofoam packing peanuts, air pillows. Support cushions, bubble wrap or foam inserts. Nowadays, the use of sustainable filler material is also becoming common. The purpose of all of them is to provide ultimate protection and a great unboxing experience.

  • Stickers or a Custom Tape:

Stickers are a very effective option as they are versatile and affordable. If you are using a tissue wrap to enclose your products, a sticker can be used to seal it. Stickers or a custom tape are great options to brand your packages if you do not want to make it custom printed. You can also customize them how you want or print the company’s logo to make it recognizable.

  • Promotional Material or a Custom Note:

Placing a business card in the custom cardboard boxes is a way of adding little promo pieces. Another interesting way is to place a custom note inside the package. This engages the customer in your brand and adds a personal touch.

  • Gift or a Sample:

Another useful tactic is to place a small gift or a free sample along with the purchased product. This highly fascinates the customers and proves a great way to cross-sell your new products. For example, if the customer purchased a shampoo, place a small sample of conditioner along with it.

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