Hiring Web Developers What to Know

1. Make decisions based on price alone.

Price is always an important factor when choosing a product or service. People who are not familiar with a web design company or don’t know what questions to ask often choose the cheapest supplier, which can be a serious mistake. In the technology sector, you are likely to run into problems if you contract with the cheapest vendor. Hire web developer India who offer the lowest price usually use some truncated development options. For example, no statistics or template formatting. Some templates may look pretty good, but if the web developer has worked for other companies (including competitors), the site may look very similar. After you complete the site, you may find that there is a new site in your community created by that developer using the same template. Ultimately, you need to weigh the value for money and ask yourself if you really want the most visible marketing tool at the lowest price.

2 Hire a provider who can offer ongoing support.

Many corporate websites contain incorrect, outdated or simply irrelevant information and materials. Some web developers move on to the next project and forget that the site exists without human support for future changes. One phone call or email should be enough to get the information you need from your web development company.

3 Don’t underestimate the power of statistics.

Make sure your web developer can provide you with detailed, real-time web stats. Some developers provide only a simple hit counter or, even worse, don’t provide any stats at all. As a site owner, you need to review your site’s stats to evaluate its performance and make changes if necessary. Make sure you have access to traffic data and detailed statistics.

Knowing which pages of your site are visited most often, how long visitors stayed on each page, what search engines they came from, where they visited the site from, etc. – are just some of the tools that will allow you to regularly optimize your site for better results. You should also be able to access reports online at any time without relying on your web developer to send them to you. Find out in advance if it’s free on the site or if there’s an additional or monthly fee. You wouldn’t drive a car without a dashboard – don’t even try to do it online.

4. Formal training and experience

Developers need to understand design aspects and accessibility issues. This is a direct result of having relevant experience and training. Make sure that developers have the necessary web programming skills to create custom applications as the business grows, from basic to advanced; security and database integration are necessary if the site holds sensitive information. Developers need to stay abreast of new technologies and programs.

5 Neglecting the need for scalability

A major drawback of a website created by amateurs is that it does not scale. Over time, new features will need to be added. Adding new features will not only increase the profitability of your site, but it will also reduce the burden on you and your staff by automating tasks in the web environment. However, when the time comes to expand your business, you will have to give up your site and create a new one. This is one of those “pay now or pay later” situations.

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