Fabricating Meaningful Custom Votive Candle Boxes Wholesale

Custom Votive Candle Boxes

Used extensively amongst various communities around the globe, votive candles are bought extensively. For this reason, the business packaging votive candles is thriving. However, it is essential to manufacture boxes that are as meaningful as the packaged candle inside. Votive candle boxes is an economical way to package these candles. Wholesale retailers sell these in bulk. There are numerous benefits of this: it saves both time and money.

Custom Design of the Votive Candle Boxes Wholesale

Fabricating custom designs for coffee candle boxes requires dedication. If the packaging is designed in a meaningful way, it will appeal to the users. Since user satisfaction is immensely important in any kind of business, it is crucial to perform this step properly. Designers employed at the packaging platforms are charged with designing the boxes for these candles. A variety of designing strategies, packaging materials, and printing techniques result in a diverse votive candle packaging collection. The boxes are stylish year elegant in their way. Depending upon the demand of the brand, the boxes can be in either vibrant colors or neutral shades. For instance, if the candles are used for religious purposes, the boxes are usually plain and designed simply; exaggeration in design is avoided. Common colors being used for this are white, brown, or the Kraft packaging paper. This delivers elegance to the candle box, thereby targeting a sophisticated audience. In contrast to this, bold and vibrant colors are used if the candles are used for other festivities.

Fulfilling Needs of the Product itself- Votive Candles

 The ideal way of designing a package is to respond to the needs of its package inside. For this reason, it is crucial to know the details of the product so the package responds to it. Since votive candles are usually cylindrical, the boxes are made to correspond with their dimensions of them. Generally, these candles are 2.5 inches high with a width of 1.5 inches. 

To ensure safe packaging, loose packaging (packaging peanuts, and bubble wraps) are added. Both packing peanuts and bubble wraps fill up the negative space between the candle and the interior walls of the box. This diminishes the collisions, thereby keeping the candle intact within the package. In this way, proper protection of the candles in taper candle boxes is ensured. This correspondence of the design to the package inside is immensely important in the packaging world.

A Sustainable Packaging Solution

It is not a hidden fact that the need for sustainability in today’s world is more than ever. Various industries are starving for multiple ways to inculcate it in their product and the pricing industry is no exception. Moreover, it is easier to fulfill this just by following certain strategies. The most significant way is to ensure that the packaging material in use is sustainable. Biodegradable materials such as Kraft paper, cardboard, and corrugated sheets are being used for fabricating boxes. These materials are beneficial for the environment and the candles as well. The cardboard is sturdy and firm. These qualities aid in protecting the candles against any damage. This makes shipping easier since the chances of damaging the product inside the votive candle boxes wholesale are diminished. 

For a platform to succeed in achieving a green title, the sustainability factor is to be well integrated into the design. To fulfill this, the candle packaging is centered on it. We have already mentioned the exterior packaging. Let us now dive into the interior packaging that is also fabricated from sustainable material. Plastic bubble wraps are avoided due to their non-biodegradable properties- it leads to land pollution.

Use of Inserts in the Votive Candle Boxes

Inserts are dividers placed within the packaging boxes to separate multiple products being packaged in one box. Depending upon the dimensions of candles, they are available in both individual packaging as well as bulk. For a box housing multiple votive candles, inserts are used to foster a more sophisticated packaging. They inhibit collisions and keep the candles intact. These inserts are usually fabricated from cardboard or corrugated sheets. While they are available in plastic as well, sustainable materiality is usually preferred. They are foldable as well, adding as an extension of these boxes themselves. Or they can be placed separately as well depending upon the convenience of the brand. 

Die Cut Templates of the Votive Candle Boxes Wholesale

Die-cuts are pretty common in the packaging world. This method is extremely flexible as it allows the fabrication of boxes according to the dimensions of the candles in a quick way. A digital template is generated that is used to cut the corrugated sheets used for packaging. The template is usually in a vector form to make the translation easier. This information is translated via a die-cut machine. In this way, sustainable packaging is generated quickly and caters to the bulk demand efficiently.

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