Along with hair and skin, taking care of nails is also one of the vital parts of the beauty routine for most women. Attractive and healthy nails make you feel more beautiful. Several factors affect cuticles’ health and appearance, like the cold weather, washing hands repeatedly, and using hard detergents and cleaners. All these cause your cuticles to become dry and make them appear dehydrated, which results in peeling on the ragged edges, the nails more rigid and cracks and breaking easily.

While tackling dry cuticles, you instantly turn to moisturizing creams and lotions. These might contain alcohol which is itself drying and other synthetic products which fail to absorb entirely and do not give you long-term relief, thus causing more damage than good. To cope with this problem, you can start using essential oils for your dry cuticles. They will give you hydrated cuticles and help in the growth and strength of nails. Besides this, an essential oil also protects them from breakage, splits, thinning, and brittleness. Continue reading to know more about which essential oils are good for dry cuticles and why you should buy from essential oil manufacturer directly to get pure, authentic oils.



When talking about nail growth then, myrrh oil is the first oil that comes to mind, as it is known to help the nails grow faster. Along with it, this has moisturizing properties that protect the cuticles from becoming dry, keeping them moisturized and hydrated, ultimately giving a healthy environment for the nails to grow. You can blend it with olive oil and apply it to your nail cuticles.


Geranium essential oil gives hydration to your cuticles and prevents dehydration of the nails. As it helps retain moisture as it deeply nourishes the nails and cuticles, their flexibility increases, preventing them from breaking, becoming rough and dry, and ultimately leading to nail growth.


This essential oil has many benefits like soothing anxiety and skin conditions, curing headaches, and much more. This oil is rich in antimicrobial properties and removes all the fungus, bacteria, and viruses when applied to nails. It also strengthens and moisturizes the cuticle very deeply. It hydrates the cuticles, making them a very good choice for dry, inflamed, and ragged cuticles. Lavender is a good treatment to promote keratin growth for strong, healthy nails.


This one is the most used ancient essential oil for nail growth. It not only helps in nail growth but also protects the cuticle from getting infected. It halts the peeling and soothes it deeply

as it has good moisturizing properties and invades all the nail fungus that slows down nail growth.

In addition to these, you can also try Lemon oil, Cashew Nut oil and Cypress oil which will not only nourish dry cuticles but can also help in reducing yellow nails.

The application process is simple, combine essential oils with carrier oils like Jojoba oil or Almond oil in adequate proportions. Store it in a roll-on bottle and apply it on the nails and cuticles 2-3 times a week. Before the entire application process, you must always perform a patch test on your skin and monitor it for 24 hours. If you notice any discomfort or irritation, you should not consider that essential oil and consider your doctor.


Dry or damaged cuticles are very painful and are visually unattractive. Luckily, essential oils are a great solution for nails and dry cuticles. You can take care of your nails and cuticles with the correct oil. When choosing an essential oil for nails, make sure you use oil with organic properties in them, and that is also from a trusted source to order to avoid other toxins and additives that can be harmful. Besides using oils, ensure you have a good diet rich in fats and antioxidants that will also benefit your nails and cuticles to be healthy. Try having a roll-on bottle of oil that will be easy for you to use and apply anytime. Choose essential oil according to your nail health and need to get the best results.

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