Dual citizenship in 2022- Your Second passport

Getting a dual visa could be probably the best decision you’ll ever make. It offers the deep rooted advantage of having more choices for living, traveling, working together, contributing, and conceivably in any event, sparing you a fortune in charges. What’s more, purchasing a visa through an authentic citizenship by investment program is one of the fastest way.

Who can acquire a subsequent visa? 

Your second visa alternatives will rely upon a few factors, for example, your present citizenship, the favored nation for your dual citizenship, and your family ancestry. There are three primary strategies for acquiring a dual visa; citizenship by investment, naturalization, and citizenship by travelling. Winvested consultancy administrations Dubai has practical experience in citizenship by speculation, which is frequently the quickest and least demanding approach to get a second identification. 

Otherwise called “monetary citizenship”, citizenship by investment expects you to put resources into certain administration projects or buy land. This is a direct procedure and ordinarily requires a brief time of residence in the nation. 

Countries which allow dual citizenship in 2020:

A few nations require no time of home at all, permitting you to get a second visa with no problems to your way of life. Well known citizenship by investment choices include:

  • St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • St Lucia
  • Turkey
  • Cyprus

Picking a nation for your dual citizenship is a choice including a few components, and you should know about everything required before settling on your choice. Our citizenship counsels can talk about the specifics of your conditions and give all of you the data you have to settle on the correct decision for your dual citizenship.



A subsequent citizenship and property interest in another nation can be a basic segment in a global riches safeguarding methodology. With a set up history of ensuring the protection of its residents, the Caribbean has consistently held engaging to the global tip top and created countries, for example, turkey offer what many would class as the most attractive way of life and citizenship on the planet.

Individual SECURITY 

On the most basic level, second citizenship speaks to security for your family. With developing food creation and efficient power lifeliness areas, and the characteristic elements for authentic manageability later on, the Caribbean holds huge focal points as a second home location. The security parts of nations, for example, turkey and Cyprus are undeniable. 


Although some interest open doors based around the main traveling in the host nation itself, new business openings open up to members in citizenship by investment programs as they can travel abroad more unrestrained and extend their systems into the worldwide first class, an incredible number of whom invest energy in the Caribbean and other second citizenship goals.


Most citizenship by travelling programs are accessible to the relatives of the principle candidate. This implies financial specialists can make sure about a superior future for their mate and kids. Second citizenships can offer access to world-class medicinal services, instruction and an improved way of life. 


With almost no residency necessity in the Caribbean, a certified investor and relatives can profit by various benefits including without visa travel to in excess of 130 nations. For residents of Malta, Cyprus or turkey, residency is required and the visa travel benefits are the absolute best on the planet.

Dual citizenship by investment options:

Every citizenship by travelling program has various requirements, some include an exchange of funding to the express, some include making a investment which will make employments, and others include making an interest in property. There are various advantages to each kind of investment, for instance, an interest in property can likewise bring about significant yields relying upon the nation. Store venture can likewise be a worthwhile choice, which is the place a reserve chief will deal with a investment into at least one organizations over a destined timeframe. For those who invest simply in acquiring residency and accordingly a visa, move of capital can be the most reliable choice.

Connect with one of our migration venture specialists 

At winvested consultancy services Dubai, we offer different financial specialist visa programs over the world. With a universal group working out of four nations, we can help give sound guidance on our scope of citizenship by travelling programs, just as talk about your key destinations.

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