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Regarding the drug’s brand name

The brand Centurion Pharmaceuticals makes in India is Cenforce 100mg. The medication, which contains sildenafil citrate salt, is used to treat male sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction (ED). The medicine is available for purchase in a variety of pack sizes and pricing points to suit the needs of patients. It is an Rx drug, meaning that it can be bought when a doctor prescribes it to a patient and signs a prescription for it. The same salt is sold under the brand name Viagra in the USA and is made by Pfizer, a well-known pharmaceutical company.

Regarding the drug

Sildenafil citrate, often known as Cenforce 100, is the generic name for the 100 mg dosing strength. When a man cannot achieve a satisfying erection in the penis during sexual activity, he takes the medication. The penis hardens and the erection lasts longer when sildenafil is taken. Every platform has Cenforce 100 mg available. Any medical supply store or internet pharmacy sells it. It is accessible everywhere in the world.

concerning the drug’s salt

Sildenafil citrate increases blood flow to the penis by widening blood vessels. This aids in lengthening the erection so that a man can enjoy great sex all night long. There are other alternatives to this specific medication available. Examples include the US-marketed Viagra, the herbal medicine Shilajeet, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. There are several dose strengths of sildenafil citrate available, however, it is best to start with the smallest amount. Then, if necessary, go to greater doses in accordance with the results.

Drug uses in medicine

Impotence, often known as erotic disorders, is treated with Fildena 100. Sildenafil aids in erection by boosting blood flow to the penis, which is necessary for a man to have an erection during sexual stimulation or intercourse. Males over the age of 30 are typically in this circumstance; the cause may be their age, health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, etc., or it may be psychological. The medication is typically administered 30 minutes before sexual activity as a shorter-term therapy for the mentioned problem.

This is an additional longer-term therapeutic option for both males and females with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). The medication lowers blood pressure by widening the arteries that connect the heart and lungs.

The action of a drug

The medication works by preventing the phosphodiesterase enzyme 5, a protein that breaks down cGMP in the bloodstream. Blood flow to some bodily organs is increased by cGMP. Sildenafil improves blood flow by increasing the accumulation of cGMP in the penis.

This medication should be taken 30 minutes prior to having intercourse. It should be swallowed with plenty of water either on an empty stomach or ideally two hours after the delivery of food.

Negative effects

The negative effects might range from minor to major. Each person’s unique genetic makeup differs from person to person. This medication’s side effects include: nausea, head pain, lightheadedness bloating or diarrhea either a temporary or permanent loss of vision tingling in the feet and arms either a temporary or permanent loss of hearing urethral blood Penis ailment abnormal heartbeat

These adverse effects typically arise when the medication is not taken as directed and in accordance with the use of this salt.

What to do

The tablet should be swallowed whole. To lessen the influence of the adverse effects associated with this medication, it is advisable to take it on an empty stomach.

If a dose is missed, take the subsequent dose before engaging in sexual activity for 30 minutes.

 It may have extremely negative consequences.

You just need to take this medication once per day, and that should be right before intercourse.

Drugs with which this medication is known to interact

Organic nitrates: Nitrates are used to improve blood flow in the vessels when there are problems with the heart. When used with sildenafil, it may result in elevated blood levels of cGMP that may exceed the safety threshold.

Alpha-blockers: When used with sildenafil, this group of medications results in hypotension.

Stimulators of cGMP: These include medications like Riociguat, which can result in dangerously high amounts of cGMP in the blood.

Antiviral medications like efavirenz and nevirapine, which are protease inhibitors, impede the body’s absorption of sildenafil.

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