About Overnight Desert Safari

A short-term desert safari in Dubai should be on top of any deep longing for something new list of must-dos. Our short-term desert camp in Dubai offers you the advantage of enjoying the quietness.

 Begin your desert safari once our driver gets you from your inn and drives you off to the camel ranch amid the desert in a 4×4 vehicle. Get a brief look at groups of camels and their energetic demonstrations. 

Extra Information

No base individuals are expected for this bundle; even one individual can do this. Kindly note as the desert safari is an undertaking movement, we don’t suggest youngsters under three years, pregnant ladies, and more established grown-ups, particularly with back issues.


Our drivers are proficient and authorized drivers and are prepared for medical aid. Our vehicles are fitted with roll enclosures to shield the tenants from being harmed in a mishap, especially in case of a turnover in the desert safari, which is highly uncommon.


An exceptionally famous piece of the desert safari. You get to ski from the most elevated ridges on a ski board; everybody can make it happen, as though you fall; the delicate sand is there to get you—an exhilarating encounter and one that everybody should do on a desert safari. We recommend booking the red rise safari to appreciate sand-skiing the best.


One more famous action in the desert is the camel journey. Partake in the dusk while you are on the most elevated ridge going towards the camp where you have beverages and supper hanging tight for you.


We offer two sorts of quadricycles for the two grown-ups and youngsters. More giant quad bicycles are 350cc, and all the more impressive and modest ones are 150cc and suggested for kids. Quad bicycles can be driven in an assigned region outside the camp and can’t be taken into the desert for security reasons.

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