10 Things You Will Always Miss When You Stop Swimming

Swimming is the love of our life. A sport to which we will always be devoted and thanks to which we have experienced and are experiencing a whole palette of emotions, from the all-consuming joy of victory to the annihilating bitterness of defeat. However, no matter how sad it may sound, sooner or later, maybe sometime in the distant future, or maybe very soon, we make a forced or conscious decision to end performances. Some leave the sport on their own terms, satisfied and satisfied with the results of their own careers of lifeguard training, looking back on which they feel only warmth and infinite pride. Others leave the sport early, not at all when they would like it, due to personal circumstances. Be that as it may, here are a few things that any swimmer will always miss after retiring. Finally,

The smell of bleach .

When you retire from sports, you always have a whole set of very obvious things that you will remember fondly and that you will miss insanely: swims, training with teammates, a perfect, steel six-pack abs.

But this is all prose, because, among other things, there are very small details that you don’t even think about, winding kilometers in the pool day after day, and one of them is the pungent smell of bleach so familiar to every swimmer. This memory will come unexpectedly, like a bolt from the blue, in months or even years, when, slowly walking along the boulevard past some fountain, you suddenly feel this thick, incomparable smell, again making your heart beat so often, as if you were not going on the pavement, and you swim your best hundred-meter freestyle, hearing the stands hum and feeling elastic splashes on your skin.

Trips to competitions .

Long-distance trips to competitions from our childhood are gradually being replaced by weekend tours to some kind of music concert or short country trips to nature with friends or family, but we still miss those unforgettable feelings when together with teammates and as a coach, we drove in a barely rattling bus to the next competitions, chatted with the guys, chewed a sandwich carefully wrapped by my mother, looked out the window and the world seemed so exciting and new, and the whole trip was a complete adventure. Having become a little older, we also remember the later years, when the bus driving from the competition or on them was shaken by loud rock music and everyone sang along in chorus, and the tightly frozen pasta from the cheapest hotel where you stayed looked more like a sole than pasta, but went with a bang .

Those moments that make swimming – swimming .

Remember how you put hours and days into this activity? Remember how you got out of a warm bed on cold early mornings? Remember those monstrous XXXL packs of chips and cookies that you and your friends ate to the lungs after a workout?

And that feeling of complete self-confidence, when, standing on the starting block, you understood that thanks to the coach – are you completely ready? And the results of the swims, which exceeded all your conceivable and unthinkable expectations? Those moments, covered with a haze of misted glasses, when you touched the side of the scoreboard and saw the number one and a second faster than those that you always secretly considered impossible. Yes’s! All this!

What helped to tune in to the fighting mood .

There are certain songs and in my mind they are clearly associated with specific starts and swims in which I participated as a child. Some songs I listened to to piss myself off, cheer me up and get the energy and mood for long hard workouts on weekends. There were songs whose lyrics so clearly fit the situation in which I found myself or gave exactly the inner uplift that I was waiting for. Listening to these tracks, I still light up that mood today.

Hard workouts .

Yes, there were moments that we all hated. Moments when you constantly complain that you have to get up at 4:45 every morning and drag yourself to the pool, where you swim for two hours until you are completely exhausted. Or situations in which the coach forces everyone to swim across an unrealistically huge task! But despite all the whining and complaining, you always came back. You have always known that work is always waiting for you, and that even if it is unbearably hard, it will be worth it.

Your friends .

Your pool friends are your best and most loyal comrades. The closeness that develops between you over the months and years of training and performing together is hard to find in everyday life in anything else. Together you not only tried to survive in harsh regimes, survived hellishly difficult weeks of functional training, went through more than one training camp, swam more than one relay race and crossed more than one lactate threshold, but also shared common goals and dreams becoming a strong team.

Swim in an empty pool .

It is very difficult to describe in words this feeling that arises in the first few minutes after you violate the perfectly smooth surface of an absolutely empty pool. Feeling weightless? Immersion in another, serene world, which is so far from the vain reality that surrounds you? For many swimmers, their home pool is not only a place filled with horse hard work and suffering, it is also their own small, quiet place of power where you can come to clear your head of bad thoughts and think about nothing but the endless dividing line. .

Line therapy at the bottom of the pool .

The life of a child is filled with all sorts of stresses. The pressures of school, parents, and your own gradual maturation can become unbearable. But no matter how the sources of stress change with age, meditation on the marking line slowly floating under you at the bottom of the pool always helps unmistakably. Training may not solve all of your life’s problems, but the feeling of clarity and freshness of mind that comes after a good swimming session definitely helps you pull yourself together.

When every muscle in your body is buzzing with tension .

I am sure you will experience this feeling in your life in the future. But it will not be the same as it was on swimming! All because it was swimming that became your first love and sport that pushed the boundaries of your own physical capabilities in your awareness. Swimming has shown you what you can do and pushed your expectations and limits to levels you previously thought were unattainable. Remember the moments when the coach said the task, from which the jaw dropped. All those 50,000 weeks of training. These 100 to 25 at the pace of a hundred meters. These were moments that really challenged our physical abilities, and having coped with them perfectly, we left the pool slightly staggering, but feeling a couple of centimeters taller.

The feeling that this is your sport .

We swim because we love to swim. Because at the dawn of a new day, we most likely start the morning not with coffee, but with a whole pool of chlorinated water. We swim because we feel that this sport is 100% ours.

Champions! If you now feel joy, buzz inside, pleasure – go to training and do your favorite thing, because it’s yours, dear! Give yourself permission to do what you really enjoy! Forward!

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